PAYMENTS: We offer two payment options to our schools; Pre-pay & Proof.
    Fall: is usually a pre-pay program. Payment is due on school picture day. If you forgot to
             send payment, you may call our office or download the payment/re-order form.
    Spring: is usually a proof option program. You will have a proof to view and be given
             several days to return the order to the school with payments.
    Refunds: We always try to deliver the highest quality photos. If for some reason a client is unsatisfied with
             their photographs you can mail in your complete package for a full refund.
(Allow 2 weeks for processing from the date we recieve it).

We offer both Fall and Spring portraits throughout the year.

Our Fall Portraits have a classical studio look designed for the yearbook.
In the spring, we get creative! We're always coming up with new and fresh ideas for sets.

Introducing Chroma-Key

We photograph on a solid green background allowing us to add in different background choices to let you have more options for each photograph.