Gallery Session Information

When coming in for your appointment, please only bring a maximum of 1 additional person with you and we request that they please wear a mask.

Standard/Gallery Session:

The standard/gallery session is where you get to be you. These portraits are all about personality, style, and fun! During a standard session you get to bring two outfits from home. Your portraits will be made in our indoor studio as well as in our outdoor portrait garden. This is where we encourage you to bring props, sports gear, awards, metals, paintings, instruments, any of the things that make up who you are during this exciting time in your life!

If you choose the gallery session, all of the above is included, but you can bring an additional outfit to be photographed in.

Remember: You’ll want to look your best during your portraits so please take the time; make those hair appointments, get those nails done! Guys, you’re not off the hook either-make sure you have a fresh shave, clean and cut nails, and make sure that hair is done.