Gone are the days were the teachers are responsible for doing all the work of handing out order forms, collecting money back to give the photographer, and then handing out the picture packages when they come in. With our Proof Program we take majority of the work off the school and put it where it belongs, on the photography company.

We photograph every student on picture day with no order forms due. A few weeks afterwards images are then put online, allowing for parents to view their child’s image before purchasing and seeing the different background options available actually behind their child’s image. All packages are then shipped directly to the address the parent provides, keeping the school from having to handle them. You will not have to count money, track down printed picture packages that need to be returned, or be responsible for verifying records.

School Yearbook Portraits

A childhood passes all too quickly from kindergarten to junior high and on to high school. These precious years can never be relived, but the changes in a child’s growth and development can be captured from year to year in portraits. Parents rely on school photography programs to supply them with a visual record of how a childhood is spent.

*Highest professional quality and service.
*Online ordering available for parents.
*Wide variety of package choices.
*Background choices for parents and yearbook
*Packages shipped directly to parents.
*Scheduled make-up day.
*Digital downloads for yearbook and admin systems.

I just wanted to compliment the great job the photographers did today. Thank you so much for having such a wonderful, dependable staff. I thoroughly enjoy working with you all.

Darcy Adams |Yearbook| Carroll Middle School